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Beijing preferred Turk for science and technology development Co., LTD
Date:2011/4/13                                                        Browsing number:2744

Beijing preferred Turk for science and technology development Co., LTD. Was set up in 2002, specializes in data communication network technology and product research, development, production and sales, for telecom operators and dedicated to provide data communication, special network users optical access, network solutions and other specialized equipment.
Beijing preferred Turk for science and technology development Co., LTD has passed the ISO9001 quality system authentication, the company's MSPP, GPON, optical transceiver, optical transceiver, protocol converters, PCM etc products have won the ministry of information industry to issue "telecommunications equipment access license. Company production of communication equipment in unicom, China mobile, China telecom, etc telecom operators and power, public security, army, etc private network are widely used.
To meet customer service demand, the company established a nationwide network of marketing services, has been in the national center city a city sets sales service, engineering and technical support functions in one office, effectively ensuring the customer service localization, make customer service is more convenient, fast.
We have a professional, has the service spirit talent team, and adhering to the "first-class technology, first-class products and first-class service" concept, providing our clients professional technical service, and customers hand in hand to development.

Address:Garden Haidian District, Building 23 Room 815      zip:100085      phone:010-62970131      Fax:010-62970131
All ri:Beijing preferred Turk for technology development company limited      ICP09068761      Design:51job network