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5g Network | All you need to know | 5G network danger

5G mobile network which is the successor of the 4G network is the fifth-generation wireless network technology standard for cellular networks.

All the big carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Qualcomm have already started to introduce 5G networks in different cities across the world.

The main aim of 5G network is obviously speed, as every new generation of the wireless networks is significantly faster and more capable than the previous versions. Some of you may remember the old and very slow 2G and 3G networks and how much better 4G is than those. So, 5G network map represents another step forward in faster and more capable wireless network technology. It is likely going to transform the world by a very highly capable and extremely fast internet – you can say around 800 and above 1000 megabits per second.

To take advantage of 5G you obviously need a 5G mobile phone or any other 5G devices with 5G radios and 5G network means you can’t just take a software update on a 4G phone to enable 5G network in it.

What is 5g network?

5G network is built on millimetre waves it’s a new section of very high frequency spectrum upwards of 20 GHz all the way near to 96 GHz. But the catch is the higher the frequency of any wave the lesser is the range. For this same reason 5 GHz Wi-Fi network doesn’t travel as far as 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. As the same reason microwave doesn’t cook things on the other side of the glass the 5G network also doesn’t travel as well in the real world because of many obstacles.

The biggest problem with millimetre waves is that even if you stand very close to the 5G network towers it only travels well within direct line of sight, so, things like trees and walls block and disrupt the high frequency signal and make it weaker.

So, whats the solution for this?

Here comes the 5G network dangers - Well as we understand, it will be like putting a lot of 5G network towers all over a place with very few distance between them to essentially maximize coverage and make places as 5g network cities so when you move behind on obstacles or sort of driving through a city you actively switch between 5G networks towers that you are connected to. Its kind of like what we do now with 4G towers but much frequently and faster. This seems like a very expensive way and will take years to deploy 5G networks all over the world like 4G. But still, 5G has been deployed in some cities in more than 35+ countries across the globe till now and big global operators have already started launching 5G networks from late 2019.


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