• Monty Winget

Android 11 : Top 5 Features

Typically with every single new version of Android we get an early look at it in the form of an alpha or beta release. This year with Android 11 we're getting to that time, the beta builds that are coming out especially this first one are a lot more close to final and there's some good stuff in.

So here we are going to take a look in 5 top features of Android 11. Before we start keep in mind Android as just as a whole is a lot more well baked more mature than it was a couple years ago. So, a couple years ago a version update like this could be a whole visual overhaul, this isn't a visual overhaul anymore. But there is still some cool stuff and some good features to look at.

Top 5 new features :

  • New Media Controls - Now this is an option which is not enabled by default, but you can enable this by going in the developer settings. It puts a little colorized media widget in the top of your quick settings pull-down. It's like an Android eyes version of the iPhone quick settings media toggle and since it's at the top it means you never have to scroll very far to pause whatever music or podcast you're listening to. But its a bit buggy like it doesn't work well with every single app like it doesn't work with YouTube yet.

  • Power Button Update - Now the power button hold which is usually used just to turn off the phone or reset gets even more functionality. So now when you press and hold the power button instead of just getting shut down, restart and screenshot you get a shortcut to Google play and then also a bunch of smart home toggles with some compatible smart home stuff which you can control. And if you don't find it much cool you can go into the system settings under power menu and take away the things that you don't care about having here.

  • Voice Access - Voice access is pretty advanced, it now includes an on-device visual cortex that understands screen content and context, and generates labels and access points for accessibility commands which can control and operate your phone entirely just with voice commands. For example, You can open an app , scroll up, scroll down, go back to home, text to speech, you can email, tweet, etc.

  • New Notification Shade - A classic android update - so in Android 11 the notifications gets seperated into 3 categories, there is conversations, alerting notifications and silent notifications. So conversations are for messages basically like text messages, twitter dms, and where-ever other apps ends up supporting this. Alerting notifications are basically all the standard stuff. Silent notifications are the ones which are persistent running in the background like whether and locations.

  • Updated Pixel Launcher - So, pixel launcher is one of the best launchers on Android phones for a couple of years. In this they have tweaked some stuff here. First of all now you can turn the auto-rotation on of the home screen which was not wasn't enabled before so you can just turn your phone sideways like a tablet and just use it like that right away. Then there's now a new option for your bottom row of apps to be app suggestions so basically it moves everything up a row and then that whole new bottom row is suggested apps to open on your phone based on learned behaviours and you can pin a suggested app and place down there if you think it should be there permanent. And there's also an option in settings to block an app from ever showing up there so just check the box if you don't want it to ever be suggested. Also in the app drawer you can make the top app row as suggestions.