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How Technology is Helping in the Fight against Covid-19 Pandemic.

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

This Covid-19 Pandemic has very well tested how well this world is prepared for pandemics. From all over the world people are coming together in using technology to

fight this coronavirus with Artificial Intelligence to Sterilizing Robots to the rapid development of new technologies in ways we've never seen before.

Here, we will see a few examples and implementation of how Robotics is helping to fight this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Food Delivery Robots -

Obviously, Robots aren't susceptible to the virus so they're being deployed to carry out many tasks such as cleaning and sterilizing and also delivering food and medicine. This is all in an effort to reduce human to human contact.

Many startups and companies like Starship started delivering food with the help of robots and are continuously enhancing it for better performance and better usability.

UVD-Robots or Sterilizing Robots -

Blue Ocean Robotics has developed robots that use ultraviolet light to autonomously kill viruses curbing the potential spread to other humans. The process does not require any human control or operation and it is said to be killing almost 99% germs and viruses present on different surfaces in a room in a time span of 15 minutes. The startup has already sold robots to over 40 countries. You can read in detail here.

Disinfectant Robots -

Many cities are now employing vaporized hydrogen peroxide robots to disinfect their trains the transit railway services millions of passengers each day and have become a breeding ground for the virus. These newly developed deep cleaning robots will be

able to reach places difficult to get to you by hand. They're also going to be deployed to the locations where Covid-19 patients have been. They then will disinfect the area making it safer.

Here is a video of Hong Kong implementing this type of Spraying Robot.

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