• Monty Winget

iOS 14 - Everything New !

Finally, apple just revealed iOS 14 at WWDC 2020 which is set to reimagine the iPhone experience completely. By now we’ve all heard about the new home-screen and seen the widgets by now but lets just take a look at some detail tech.

So, first of all there is a new App Library which is a space all the way at the end to the right of the home screen that’s literally just a big list of all your apps automatically organized. This space automatically organizes all of user's app into one simple, easy-to-navigate view. Users can control how many Home pages to display and can hide pages for quick access to the App Library. This is basically the first time iOS had like an app drawer where everything is in one place. This took a decade but its finally here.

Now, inside of that there is just a straight up searchable list, you can pull down to search from anywhere on the home-screen which actually adds more results from the web and the Siri.

And now finally widgets, its still not quite android level where you can put them like anywhere you want and change them to whatever size you want. Like you cannot put a widget in the middle of home-screen. It either has to be on the left or right side.

Also, there is a widget called smart stack , it is basically a carousel of several common widgets and you can scroll through them manually or have them change automatically based on predictions made for you. You can edit this smart stack to remove or add unwanted or useless widgets from this carousel. Users can even make their own smart stack the way they want it.

Call notification:

Now when you get a phone call or a face-time it will not dominate the whole screen like before it will give you just another drop-down notification from which you can easily hide it or you can accept/reject the call right away. And then once you are on a face-time you can actually swipe up to minimize face-time and go home and do other thing while the face-time continues without pausing the video. It keeps the camera up and running. This is generally more widely supported throughout the entire OS. So, whether you are watching movie in any app, once a video is full screen just swipe up to go home and that video will shrink down and keep playing. You can even get rid of the video by swiping it full to the side and the audio will still be playing.

Accessibility -

  • In iOS 14 if you go into settings > accessibility > touch > back tap, you can now map a double tap and a triple tap on the back of the phone to a shortcut to anything. Like literally you can open Siri or camera or any other functionality of your choice by just double/tripple tapping on the back of the phone.

  • Here another interesting accessibility feature, got to settings > accessibility > sound recognition - this will let you turn on notification when the iPhone’s mic recognize a special sound that might be important, like a doorbell or a fir alarm.

New memoji customization where you can add face coverings like masks and other things.

New Privacy feature:

In iOS 14 anytime literally any time an app starts using the camera iOS shows a little green light to let you know that something is accessing this camera and anytime a microphone is accessed a little orange light is shown

Some extra features -

  • Default email and browser apps well be able to be change in iOS 14.

  • New stock language translate app although it supports very less number of languages it pretty good.

  • Faster camera app which gives you a gyroscopic guide whenever you are taking a photo in night mode to help you keep the phone still.

Here, is a List of all the iPhones getting iOS 14 in this year Fall.

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