• Monty Winget

The Ghost Pacer - Now Compete against your Virtual Partner

Run with your Holographic Artificial partner -

The Ghost Pacer has developed a revolutionary optical system which uses Augmented Reality to deploy a 3D avatar with which the runner can train with a virtual partner anywhere and anytime.

The device is an Augmented Reality glasses weighing about 90 grams designed specifically for runners. Its has an 800 mAh battery which gives around 6 hours of run time on 1 hr of charge. It is also dust and splash resistant so that the weather will not be an issue while running.

The device comes with integrated fitness app called Strava, which is used for fitness tracking and incorporates social network features. So, the runners can compete with other avatars on social media which represent their friends' avatar’s speed, paths and workouts and let compete with them. Its like runners can train together without running together.

You can read in more details on their website - www.ghostpacer.com